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We have an ever-growing library of articles and tutorials to help you take advantage of the power of Earth imagery. They are at different levels, so you will find one appropriate for your level of experience, listed below. First, an introduction to Radiant Earth Foundation

Earth Imagery for Impact 

Radiant Earth Foundation exists to connect people globally to Earth imagery, geospatial data, tools, and knowledge to meet the world’s most critical challenges. To accomplish our mission, we focus on aggregating the world’s open Earth imagery and providing cloud-based access via an open platform. We also guide people in the use of imagery and of geospatial technology innovations and in navigating the Earth observation marketplace via this Help Desk and Radiant Earth Insights, our online publication. While Radiant Earth Foundation’s focuses primarily on open data resources, we work closely with commercial imagery providers to expose our users to the most appropriate solutions for them. 

We cater to the global development community (GDC), which consists of people tasked with finding solutions to the world’s most critical needs. That said, as a non-profit advocating for open geospatial data to improve decision-making, our services are available to all interested parties.  

About the platform  

Radiant Earth Foundation's platform contains features that you can use to find new solutions and innovation by combining the best in discovery and dissemination with the latest trends in image processing. One can apply simple identification, as well as powerful analysis of vegetation, water resources, and thermal energy. Therefore, our platform is practical for experienced remote sensing professionals, as well as for users with no experience working with Earth imagery.  

The platform features allow you to: 

  • Search – Explore satellite, aerial, and drone imagery, as well as complimentary non-raster geospatial data sets from archives around the world. 
  • Discover – Find, view, and share data, and monitor areas of interest all through an intuitive user-driven capability. 
  • Analyze – Calculate indices (such as NDVI, EVI, or NVWI), adjust color histograms, generate dynamic map tile sets, or customize your own data visualization; stich together imagery for seamless mosaics; or export data to your own developer toolbox. 
  • Scale – Take advantage of our cloud infrastructure, which allows you to upload, store, and share drone, manned-aerial, and satellite imagery profiles; visualize and process imagery on demand; bring data from local files, Amazon S3, Dropbox, or Google Drive. 
  • Integrate – Integrate with other external platforms using our API plug-ins for cross-domain analysis and decision-making. We provide easy options for data downloads.
  • Share  – Give team members access to your projects and imagery, and share imagery securely with other users and organizations. 

How the Help Desk is Organized  

Get started by visiting the Basic Resource Guide. This section will teach you how to search for available imagery, create projects, conduct basic analysis, and share and export imagery.  

If you are a more advanced user, check out our Advanced Resource Guide to learn analytic strategies, tips, and tricks of the trade. 

If you want to get involved with our development projects or use the Radiant.Earth API, see the Developer Resource Guide. We also include tutorials on how to connect other image repositories to Radiant.Earth, such as your Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Planet accounts.

We welcome your comments and feedback, so feel free to reach out. Your opinion will help us make improvements so that we can serve the global development community even better. 

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