You cannot update your profile information in Radiant.Earth settings. Instead, Radiant.Earth uses Gravatar to fill in your profile information, including a picture and display name. Gravatar is a profile used by many sites by connecting to your email address.

Radiant.Earth directs you to upload a picture on your Gravatar account. 

  1. Go to and click Sign In

2. To use a Gravatar, log in to your WordPress account or create a new account.

You can also use profile information previously set up with Google by selecting Continue with Google  and signing in.

3. If you're creating a new account, fill in your email and click Continue. When you receive an email from, click Activate Account, and then sign in to Gravatar.

4. Add a new image by clicking Add one by clicking here!  and uploading or linking a new image. Later, you can select Past uploads  to change between previously uploaded images.

5. Crop your photo, and select the proper rating.

6. With your new image added, you can select it as your image.

7. To change your display name, click My Profile  in the top menu bar.

There you can change your name and details. When you click Save Profile, your settings will be automatically updated on Radiant.Earth.

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