This article offers guidance about and a summary of the licenses provided by the user sources. 

This article does not supersede our Terms of Service, should not be construed as legal advice, and does not supersede the licensing and terms of service of the imagery providers. 

In all cases, it is your responsibility to check for the most up-to-date licensing terms with each imagery provider that you use.

Types of Data

Generally speaking, there are three types of data:

  • Open data: Data that is free for anyone to use, and is licensed equally among all users
  • Selectively licensed data: Data that you either pay to use or is limited to only certain users
  • Self-provided data: Data that you import yourself, that you have either created/acquired yourself or have purchased externally

Types of Licensing

  • Public domain: The freest data, you can use this data with no restrictions.
  • Open-Attribution: You can use this data for any reason, but you must credit the provider as a source. In most cases, you are not allowed to charge money to see the raw data in a different location.
  • Open-Attribution-Sharealike: You can use this data for any purpose, as long as you give credit and give your product an open license.
  • Nonprofit-Attribution: Nonprofits can use this data, but must credit the imagery provider and may not share the raw data with anyone else.
  • Nonprofit-Limited: Nonprofits can use this data for certain activities, depending on the specific license. Products may not be shareable.
  • Proprietary: Only specifically licensed users can access this data. You may have to purchase a license directly from the provider, and licensing restrictions may further apply.

Available Data

Public Domain:

  • MODIS [Suggested credit: "EOSDIS MODIS Program"]


  • Landsat 4/5/7/8 [Credit as "USGS/NASA Landsat Program"]
  • Sentinel 2 [Credit as "Copernicus Sentinel Data {Year}"]
  • iSERV [Credit as "NASA ISERV Program"]


  • Planetscope
  • RapidEye
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