Radiant.Earth's API provides powerful analysis and access to data that is unavailable through our normal platform. This tutorial will show you how to retrieve your JSON Web Tokens (JWT), which keep your data secure, for use within the API and interactive docs page

Every API call requires a token. API tokens should be treated like passwords--don't share them!

You can use the docs page (doc.radiant.earth) to create code including your token, making the process of using our API even easier.

Generate a token

You can find your API Tokens from your settings page, or by clicking Manage API Tokens on the Home page. If you're not on your home page, click your profile in the top right corner, then Account Settings. Go to the API Tokens section by clicking from the menu on the left.

Then, enter a name for your token and click Create. You will have to log in again. Then click Show Token and copy the long string of characters. Note that you will only be able to capture the token at that moment!

We suggest making a new token for every use that you need. You can easily delete tokens by going to your API Tokens menu and clicking the trash can button.

Using the API Docs

To get started with the API, head over to the documentation page, paste your refresh token in the Refresh Token field, and hit Get Session Token. Then click Use Session Token

You are then able to click on any resource listed in the left-side panel, which will pull up both the documentation about the resource as well as an example request that you can immediately use.

Using a Session Token, you'll be able to copy and paste example code that includes your secure identification.

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