Since Radiant Earth is a cloud-based platform, you can easily share your imagery with other users or platforms. This can be particularly useful when hosting a large amount of data, gaining access to Radiant Earth's large set of data, or using any of the available color correction tools.

You can either share your imagery as a webpage or as an integration with several different apps.

A shared webpage will show the fullest extent required to include all scenes in your project within the display. 

Simply go to a project, click Publish and then click Copy to copy a link to your page or Open to see what the people you share with will see.

You can also click the sharing button on the project from the Projects page.

Similarly, you can use Radiant.Earth to create a tile map layer for use in ArcGIS Online (see this tutorial from ESRI about using tile layers), ZXY tiles in open source software, and Map Tokens for other projects, by following similar steps.

You can share analyses as tile maps as well. Once you've created an analysis, you can click on the share icon any input or operation and copy the link for either map tokens, ArcGIS Tile Layers, or ZXY Tile Layers.

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