You have the ability to control who you share your data with by using organizations and teams. With these features, you are able to choose who has access to your projects, imported imagery, and analyses.

Organizations and teams are managed by clicking on the icon with your profile in the top right corner.

Create an Organization

If you want to create an organization or need help managing one, please contact the Radiant.Earth help team by clicking on the blue chat button in the bottom right corner, if a chat button does not automatically pop up.

Ask for an organization to be created, clarifying what name you want to use, and we will create one for you, with you as a user and admin. 

You will have to go to organizations and select Accept  next to your organization once it is created.

Add users to your organizations

If you are the administrator of an organization, you can add a user to that organization. 

Go to your organization, then either click the People tab in the top right corner or click the arrow next to "People". Click the blue Add Users button, then search for the right user. Make sure to check the email to make sure you have the right person. Click the "Select" checkbox next to the person you want to add, and "Add as admin" if you want them to be an administrator.

Users have to accept your invitation before they are a part of your organization.

Create a Team and add Users

You can make a team that's part of your organization, so that you can share your imagery with that team.

Go to your organization and click the Teams tab in the top right or the arrow next to "Teams". Click "Create Team" and give it a name. 

Then click on your team and follow the same process to add users as for organizations.

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