Although our platform is optimized for working in the cloud, you may need to export your work into a format that you can analyze later on.

We offer GeoTIFF downloads of any analysis made in the Lab. Since the Lab only uses raster algebra, exported GeoTIFFs are single band only.

Note that pixels for the GeoTIFF are resampled, and so the pixels are not directly identical to the original data.


Once you have created an analysis and selected all the needed bands, display the product by clicking on the folded map icon on the last node of the analysis.

Zoom in to the area that you want to export, and then click the export button on the right (an arrow in a rectangle over a dark rectangle).

You can choose to either export to Dropbox or download the image to your hard drive. 

You can export with pixels resampled to the size at any zoom level, with suggestions at the approximate pixel size. The recommended choice is the closest pixel size to the original scene. In the case of Sentinel imagery, that's zoom level 14, approximately 10 meters. You can always check the pixel size of available imagery.

Then click and drag on the map to select the area that you want to export, and click Confirm to begin the export.

Exports will then process in the background. To check the status of your export, go back to the main Lab page and click Exports next to the analysis you're trying to export.

When the export is ready, you will be able to click Download and download the scene.

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