Within Radiant.Earth, every image uses a datasource to identify where the image came from and what properties it has for easy control throughout the platform. For example, an image using Landsat 8 as its datasource will share band numbers, color mode presets, and search settings with every other Landsat 8 scene.

Datasources allow for using imagery from multiple sources in efficient and powerful ways.

To manage a datasource, go to Data , click Datasources and select View next to the datasource you want to manage.

When viewing a datasource, you can start an Import, name bands, or view and edit the color composite presets.

If you want to import imagery from a datasource that doesn't exist yet, you'll have to create a new one. For this case, we have drone data from a custom sensor to upload. Click Create New Datasource  and enter a name.

If you want to make your imagery available later on, or are using imagery from another source, you'll need to select the proper license.

You can then add band numbers and names. Click Add an additional band , enter the band number and a name for it, and click Save Changes  when you are finished. 

Color Mode Presets

You can also edit color composites presets, which can be used in Color Mode.

To edit, simply click on the name and index numbers to change them. Note that this uses index numbers and not band numbers; the index numbers are the basic order of the image, and begin counting at 0 rather than 1. You can find them under Bands.

For this example, we'll use the color infrared preset to look at vegetation, using Green, Red, and Near Infrared. First, we'll check which index number each is, and then add the preset.

That preset will then be available with the Radiant Drone imagery.

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