1. From the home screen, select Create a new Project.

2. Name your project, choose Standard Project and go to the next screen.

3. Choose search available imagery  and proceed to the project page.

4. From the main project page,  you can ctrl + click  on your area of interest. Hover over a scene thumbnail to preview images on the map.

5. Zoom in to your area of interest. Choose Sort/Filter to open options for filtering down to just the imagery you want. Select Ingested Only to view imagery that is ready to use.

6. Hover over a scene thumbnail to preview it on the map or click the checkbox next to a scene to select it. You can select all available scenes at once by clicking on the + button next to Add Scenes above the scene gallery.

7. Once you're happy with the scenes you have selected, click Add Scenes to begin the process of porting them to your project.

8. After you click Add to [Project Name] , navigate back to your main project page and choose Color Mode to start visualizing the scenes. Choose Natural Color to start inspecting your imagery, or use Color Infrared to highlight vegetation.

You've created your first project from public data sources! Now you can start with your first analysis.

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