Hundreds of images are taken of the Earth daily, and they are made available on our platform as soon as they are available, sometimes that same day. In order for you to have the most up-to-date imagery, the Area of Interest (AOI) project option allows you to get notified about new imagery and collect all relevant imagery into a project. 

AOI projects work for any imagery source using several optional criteria, including cloud cover and frequency.

Setting up an Area of Interest Project

To start an AOI project, click Create New Project and select Area of Interest instead of standard project. Then click Search Available Imagery.

The filter options should pop up immediately. Otherwise, click the blue AOI Parameters button in the top left corner:

Then, click the dropdown for Select an area. You can choose any available shape, draw your own, or import a zipped shapefile to use as your area of interest. Switching your AOI requires only clicking a different shape.

You can delete or manage shapes in the Data section under Vector.

You can then add filters to the imagery you want to collect. Click Adjust Filters to pull up the Filters menu.

You can choose from any available imagery source, cloud cover level, or sun elevation/azimuth. (See How to Find the Right Image for more details).

Set your update frequency to determine how often to check for imagery. You should choose this value based on a combination of the size of your AOI, how often you need to check the data, and how often your chosen sensor updates. 

For example, Landsat 8 only collects imagery every 12 days, so checking daily may not be useful, unless you want to be notified exactly when it shows up. MODIS images update daily, but you maybe only need to collect once a week.

Then, select your start time, in most cases keeping it to the default start date when you are creating the AOI, although you may only want imagery from one part of the year, for example.

Then click Start AOI Monitoring, and your project will collect data automatically for you!

Getting notifications

AOI projects allow you to be notified when imagery matching your criteria is available.

To turn notifications on, go to your Account Settings, and choose Notification Settings on the left menu.

Make sure to choose the email you want to receive the notifications from.

Review scenes

Once you are notified about new scenes (or you check your AOI project, if you do not have notifications turned on), go to your project. Click Review Scenes, noting how many scenes are available for approval.

Click next to each scene to approve it (hover over the scene in the menu box to preview it) or click the check box at the top to approve all scenes. The scenes will be added to your project immediately.

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