If you have purchased imagery from a Planet Explorer account, you can use the Radiant.Earth importer to pull that imagery directly into a Radiant.Earth project.

You can import the Planet imagery into a new or existing project. For this demo, we'll be starting from a new, standard (non-AOI) project.

  1. Create the project, give it a name, and specifyStandard Project.

2. Select the option toImport your own imagery.

3. Select Planet Scope - 4 Band from the available imagery sources.

4. Login to your Planet account, search for imagery, select the scenes you would like to import and click the API{:} button.

5. On the "Overview" tab, click your API key. This will automatically copy the IDs to your clipboard

6. Back in Radiant.Earth, select the Planet data source and paste the API key into the Planet Key  box.

7. Navigate to the  Selected IDs tab. and click on the IDs listed. This will automatically copy the IDs to your clipboard.

8. Paste the Selected IDs into the Scene IDsbox and click Next .

This will kick off an ingest of the selected Planet data into your account. Once the imagery is successfully ingested, you'll be able to work with it in Radiant.Earth. This may take a few minutes to show up in the project. if you refresh the page after processing, the imagery will appear.

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